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Scent and Your Product
There are a variety of different technologies on the market (both high and low tech) that can bring the added dimension of scent to your consumerís experience with your product. Scent id LLC can help you find the right product for your needs.

Why is scent important?

First and foremost, SCENT IS A MEMORY TRIGGER.
  • How many of you smell milk before you pour it into your cereal or in your morning beverage? Apparently you REMEMBER that you had once had a bad experience with spoiled milk.
  • How many of you can not even take a whiff of Tequila without remembering a party many years ago that you would probably like to forget!
  • How many of you have smelled a perfume that immediately brought you back to a place in time where you were surrounded with hugs by your mother or grandmother?
Many scents are almost invisible in the mind of consumers until they are activated. Would you remember a product better in an advertisement if you could smell it? Can you envision the taste of a product by smelling it? (Approximately 90% of taste is the result of the sense of smell. Try identifying your favorite flavor when you have a head cold or when you are holding your nose!) That is why it is Scent id LLCís goal is to build a stronger connection between scent and your product.

Scent creates a stronger connection between the consumer and the brand. Many companies are seeking to trademark the scent of their products. Crayola for one, is seeking a trademark for the scent of their crayons. The 2004 Nobel prize in Science was awarded to two scientists whose research (among other things) explained why aroma can make a lifetime impact on preference.

If scent is the next dimension in giving your products a competitive advantage in the marketplace, why not let Scent id LLC help you with itís turnkey operation.
  • Are you interested in sampling your productís scent on itís productís primary package?
  • Are you interested in having your productís scent as part of the consumerís in-store experience?
  • Are you interested in having your target consumer smell (or taste) your newly launched product in their homes through printed media or direct mail?
  • Are you interested in having your consumers live with your productís scent throughout the day by incorporating it into promotional items?
Let Scent id LLC help you make the emotional connection between your product and your consumer in ways that are just not possible without the scent experience.

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