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How Scent id LLC Can Help Your Business
The addition of scent to the marketing mix can help grow your business. Scent id LLC provides a turn-key operation that not only develops your target scent but then identifies and works with the best providers to meet the objectives of your program. Scent id LLC only works with those suppliers who view your brandís equity and reputation as sacred.

There are a variety of different technologies on the market (both high and low tech) that can bring the added dimension of scent to your consumerís experience with your product. Scent id LLC can help you find the right product for your needs. Call us and we will show you how.
Who best can use the services of Scent id LLC?
The simple answer is everyone because there are very few ways to capture the core emotional engagement your customers have with your product more effectively than through the use of scent.

Arthur Sherwood
Managing Partner
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